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Dear Students,

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Considering the academic and examination regulation of the University of Pannonia, the conditions of acceptance of the subject called physical education are controlled in the folllowing way:


-       in full-time study in case of vocational higher education 2 semesters,

-       in BA 4 semesters,

-       in MA according to the syllabus 2 semesters must be accomplished,

-       in case of second degree the number of semesters equals to the study duration of the programme but maximum to the previously determined interval.

In every case the number of obligatory hours is minimum 20h/semester.

The fulfilment of physical education is confirmed by the course signature. The conditions of signature must be published in accordance with the paragraph 7 of article 15 of TVSZ. Release cannot be obtained due to priorly fulfiled physical education but if the acquisition of pre-degree certificate needs less time than the number of compulsory physical education of the course, then physical education must be fulfiled in conformity with the maximum semesters(HKR 44.§ 23.). The fulfilment of PE subjects is a requirement for obtaining the pre-degree certificate.


In every semester only one PE subject can be registered in the following order: I, II, III, VI. The enrolment for two or more PE courses is possible only in particularly justified cases that need the requested approval of the head of the institute. This option is available only before the last semester (until the first week of the study period). If the course is not completed,you can only proceed by taking the course again.

The registration and activation of the semester on the administration platform of PETE is a requirement to accomplish the course. You can do this during the study period.


Physical education can be performed

-       by sports conducted in the facilities of the institute (with instructors, trainers),

-       at other sports providers which have a contract with the institute (in this case one occasion equals an hour of PE).

The above-mentioned recreational facilities are declared during the registration week by the institute. Students can choose freely frrom different activities taking into consideration the number limits.


The class attendance will be accepted only if

-       the student shows up wearing adequate sportswear (shoes!),

-       attends to the session actively respecting the rules of the facility.

You can collect signatures within the study period.

Those students who participate in any sport activity (at least 10 classes) provided by „external” suppliers, are bound to make a physical fitness test.


          The instructors of the institute prove the class attendance by codes generated by the PETE system. These codes can be activated in the study period.

       The „external” sports providers account for the class attendance according to the contract. They inform the students about it.     Those students who have to take the physical fitness test (see at point 4), can carry out the test at certain dates defined by the Sports Institute – you can apply for the test at the website of PETE. (If you fail the test, you can only fulfil the next course at sports activities provided by the trainers of the institute.)

In the case of those sports that are not connected to the PETE system, the attendance register is handled by people named by the institute and collected by the institute itself. In this case, you have to show up personally to get the admittance of the course during the examination period.


As long as students would like to fulfil the course in a club/association, they are bound to report the case to the head of the Physical Education and Sports Institute at latest the first week of the study period. The registration and activation of the semester on the administration platform of PETE is a requirement to accomplish the course.

-     The compulsory PE of those students who are the members of VESC (Veszprémi Egyetemi Sport Club) is confirmed by the head of the Sports Association. They don’t have to take the physical fitness test.

-       NBI, NBII players and reps can get through PE in their own sport club, from where they have to bring a certification of training attendance at the end of the semester. They don’t have to take the fitness test.


You have to get your release checked by the medical instructor of the PE and Sports Institute and the doctor of the university. The registration and activation of the semester on the administration platform of PETE is a requirement to accomplish the course.

-       Requirements for a permanent release:

Make sure to give your diagnosis to the medical instructor of the PE and Sports Institute and the doctor of the university. If it indicates that you are not allowed to participate in eased physical education, or in adapted physical education, you can get a permanent release.

-       Eased or adapted physical education:

If you can’t get the permanent release, you can complete the course attending to adapted physical education.

-       In the case of temporary release, the protocol is the same. The deadline for the application of the release is the 10th workday after the medical check and final diagnosis.


The test is composed of the following exercises:

-       shuttle run (for girls 45, for boys 75 lenght)

-       sit ups for 30 s

-       flexibility

-       push ups (girls-10, boys-20)


-       The students who have taken the PE course, can see the word „DENIED” in Neptun. This will be modified after presenting the signatures/certificate in the examination period.

-       We don’t give our signature to those students who have some kind of financial debits or haven’t returned lent sporting goods, books, etc. to the Sports Institute or the VESC.


Any other previously non-described possibilities need individual considerations about which the head of the PE and Sports Institute will decide. The deadline of petitions related to this issue is the first week of the study period.

The e-platforms of the Physical Education and Sports Insitute:


signature system:

website of professional athletes: